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At this year’s find your flow! Festival 2023 you can…
… find your personal flow for life
… meet all your favorite mentors in one place
… be inspired by over 40 top speakers
… connect with like-minded people

find your flow!

The festival for urban spirituality.

Urban. Modern. Individual.

The find your flow!  Festival is finally back from November 11-12, 2023 at the St. Jakobshalle in Basel!

Experience the biggest spiritual festival in Europe & discover your spirituality as you like it. At the find your flow! Festival you can pause for a moment, open up to something greater & find your own personal flow for life.

We all know the state in which the actions follow each other almost by themselves, the mind is completely focused on the task & fades out everything else. But that is only the flow of the moment. The true flow, on the other hand, can do much more than just provide happiness & ease for a short time. Because the true flow is not limited to a moment, it is the flow of life.

This flow will change you & awaken you. It will show you that life is a flowing stream & that every bend happens for a reason. This flow helps you to understand your life. Challenges will still be challenges. But your new flow will show you how to face them, master them & grow from them.

Are you ready to discover your personal flow of life at the find your flow! Festival 2023?

Learn from the best mentors


Experience your flow


Get inspired


Tips for more joie de vivre




Create miracles


Be in the flow

find your flow! Festival 2023 shows you your way to yourself, without rigid patterns and predefined beat. You will have the chance to meet yourself, find your personal flow & immerse yourself in it. The find your flow! Festival 2023 is an invitation for you to pause for a moment & forget for a moment what you think you know. Open yourself something greater & in that moment you will create miracles!


Let’s create a better future together! Together, we can achieve much greater things & have more power. Together we are a CommYOUnity that sticks together, supports each other, & looks in one direction. At the find your flow! Festival we put the togetherness in the foreground & strengthen our bond!


Let yourself be inspired! Not only will you meet all your favorite mentors in one place, but you’ll also be able to get inspired by be inspired by other speakers. Be open to new things & you might even be inspired by the person sitting next to you. The doors at the find your flow! Festival are wide open for new inspirations .

These are the find your flow! Festival Speakers

Bruce Lipton

Epigenetics & Stem Cell Researchers

Alberto Villoldo

Anthropologist & Shaman

Stefanie Stahl

Psychologist & The child in you must find home

Gregg Braden

Bridging Science & Spirituality

Laura Malina Seiler

Empowerment Coach & Higher Love

Tobias Beck

Motivational Psychology & Human Performance

Gerald Hüther

Neurobiologist & Potential Deconstructor

Greta Silver

YouTuber, Podcaster & Author

Christian Bischoff

Personality & Mental Coach

Veit Lindau

Expert for relationships & self-knowledge

Sabrina Fox

Spiritual Guide & Author

Bahar Yilmaz

Empower Yourself & SPIEGEL bestselling author

Bradley Nelson

Emotion Code & Body Code

Ruediger Dahlke

Holistic Healing & Health Coach

Maxim Mankevich

Expert for ingenuity &
Bestselling author

Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations with God

Scott Schwenk

Breathwork Therapist

Lynne McTaggart

Quantum Healing & the Power of 8

Peter Beer

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

Pascal Voggenhuber

Medium & Enjoy this Life

Tulku Lobsang

Buddhist master

Tom Mögele


Gordon Smith


Anke Evertz

Near-death experience


Songwriter, Musician & Author

Birgit Fischer

Starseed & Channeling

Christina von Dreien


Timo Janisch

Epigenetics & HealVersity

Thomas Young

Heart Teacher & Mystic

Gabriel Palacios

Hypnotherapist & Invaluation

Miro Wittwer

Coach & Hypnotherapist

Andre Stern

Musician, Composer, Journalist & Author

Rebecca Rosing

Psychologist & accompaniment into being

Vadim Czhentse

Planetary Code & Energy Work

Manuel Burzler

Epigenetics & HealVersity

Andreas Goldemann

Sound healer & spiritual advisor

Frank Kinslow

Quantum Healing

Bea Rubli

Channeling medium

Jeffrey Kastenmüller

Personality Developer & Heartwall

Patric Pedrazzoli

Spiritual Teacher & Healer

Daniel Alan

Breath Work Coach

Petra Brzović

Hypnosis Coach

Manuel Cortez

Hypnosis Coach



Saturday, November 11, 2023

approx. 9am – 10pm Festival

Sunday, November 12, 2023

approx. 9am – 6pm Festival



St. Jakobshalle Basel
St. Jakobs-Strasse 390
CH-4052 Basel

Simultaneous translation

For English presentations we offer simultaneous German translation. You can book a translation during ticket purchase.


Day Seminars

November 10, 2023
Bruce Lipton

November 13 2023
Gregg Braden


  • Tickets sold: Weekend Pass Silver 90% 90%

* The side stages have limited number of seats
** We reserve the right not to include all speaker presentations in the recording package.
*** The Meet & Greet is not possible with all speakers

Day Seminars

In addition to the find your flow! weekend, we offer two one-day seminars on November 10 & 13, 2023 at the Kuspo Bruckfeld in Münchenstein, Basel. Learn more about our find your flow!  Day Seminars.

That was the find your flow! Festival 2019