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November 11-12, 2023


Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton is a pioneer in the field of new biology and internationally recognized for his achievements in building bridges between natural science and spirituality. Trained as a cell biologist, he was on the faculty of Wiscon medical school and later attracted attention for his groundbreaking stem cell research at Stanford University.

As a stem cell biologist, he conducted research in the field of cell biology and quantum physics for many years and discovered that our lives are not controlled by genes alone. Thus, the discipline of epigenetics was born. Bruce Lipton is a recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Prize, author of various books, and has landed on bestseller lists worldwide with his work “The Biology of Belief.”

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Alberto Villoldo

In his mid-20s, Alberto Villoldo was already researching energy medicine at San Francisco State University, until he finally realized that he would not find the answers to his questions under the microscope, but only in the world. He traded in his lab coat for hiking boots and headed to the Amazon to learn from the shamans and medicine people there how to heal psychic wounds. In this way he was able to transform his own pain, grief and shame into sources of strength and compassion. Today, through seminars and his best-selling books, he shows others how we can heal and transform ourselves.

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Greta Silver

Greta Silver became a model at 60 and at 66, when others retire, she started her YouTube channel “zu jung fürs Alter”. She is now a multiple SPIEGEL bestselling author and her podcast “Glücklichsein ist eine Entscheidung” inspires listeners of all ages. Her goal is to rid the world of the gray veil of old age and to show that old age is an exciting time and that joie de vivre can be learned quite easily.

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Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden, best-selling author and spiritual teacher, lives in New Mexico, USA. His research travels to remote monasteries and temples from ancient times, as well as his professional background as a geoscientist and aerospace engineer, enable him to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science. His books have been translated into over 17 languages.
Britain’s Watkins Journal listed Gregg among the top 100 “most spiritually influential living people in the world” for the seventh consecutive year, and in 2020 he was nominated for the prestigious Templeton Award.
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Laura Malina Seiler

Laura Malina Seiler is a visionary, spiritual coach, author, speaker and podcaster. She runs the podcast happy, holy & confident since 2016®in which she combines knowledge and inspiration around personal development, consciousness, business and spirituality. She lives with her partner and their two children in Berlin and Hawaii. Her book “Schön, dass dich gibt!” is a Spiegel bestseller and her online programs “Rise Up & Shine Uni®”, “Heart Wide Open”, “Higher Self Home®” and “Löwenherz – die geheime Kraft der Vergebung®” support tens of thousands of people in recognizing their creative power and walking their authentic path.

Her great vision is to inspire people to develop a new awareness of their own potential and to walk their own spiritual path. She believes in a world that is more beautiful and friendly when we all become more empowered and creative.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is one of the most significant voices in the new consciousness movement. She is a science journalist and author who has won numerous awards for her work. Further is considered one of the leading minds on the topics of New Consciousness and Quantum Healing. Her book, “The Zero-Point Field,” is one of the most important foundational works for linking science and spirituality and helped inspire the cult motion picture BLEEP (“What the bleep do we know?”).
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Tobias Beck

Tobias Beck was born in Wuppertal on December 3, 1977. The path to his passion as an international speaker was a process. His resume shows that you can do anything through continuing education and hard work. Tobi flew out of kindergarten, elementary school and five different high schools until he graduated from high school in 1997. He then studied psychology in Frankfurt and subsequently communication sciences at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Today Tobias is one of the most successful and sought-after German-speaking speakers. Whether as a keynote speaker at meetings, events or conferences, as a company whisperer or as a trainer for private individuals – Tobias Beck humorously holds up a mirror to his listeners, shakes up familiar structures and makes people and companies fit for the new age. He received accolades for his work in 2018 and 2019 when he was honored with the Audience Speaker of the Year Award.

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Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is an author who grew up in a religious family and felt connected to spirituality at an early age. After some serious cuts in his life, he wrote the best-selling trilogy “Conversations with God” and subsequently launched several projects to pave the way to peace for the world and to achieve clarity and love. As he traveled around the world, Neale noticed not only that people were seeking new directions in life, but also that a new understanding of God could help.

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Stefanie Stahl

Stefanie Stahl is a psychologist, best-selling author and Germany’s best-known psychotherapist. She has written numerous guidebooks on her personal topics of focus, attachment anxiety and self-esteem, which are read by lay people and professionals alike.

With the model of the sun and shadow child, she has created a particularly pictorial and practical method for working with the inner child, which has met with great response beyond the borders of Germany. She also delights her audience with her no-nonsense podcasts.

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Christian Bischoff

Christian Bischoff was a professional basketball player and coach, but after a total of 16 years he ventured out of professional sports into a life full of personal responsibility and creative freedom as an entrepreneur and success coach. He writes books, gives online courses and inspires in live seminars to date more than 300,000 people who want to develop their personality and take control of their lives.

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Frank Kinslow

Dr. Frank Kinslow is a chiropractor, spiritual counselor and best-selling author. After practicing yoga for a long time, sometimes meditating for more than 2 hours a day, he finally trained as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation.

In 2007, he was able to emerge from a deep personal crisis by discovering the primal source of healing and happiness. This is how he eventually created the Quantum Entrainment® method, quantum healing. He now teaches this method in seminars and webinars to teach others in the healing professions a technique that works simply and efficiently.

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Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond is a speaker, best-selling author, and one of the world’s leading transformational leaders. She has become even more famous through the movie “The Secret”. The Belgian native combines her intuitive knowledge of the law of attraction with her knowledge of quantum physics, meditation, feng shui and dowsing rods. As a result, her clients – individuals and companies alike – become more successful and achieve a new level of energy in their lives. Marie now works in America and has reached more than 1 million people through workshops, seminars, lectures or online courses.
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Bahar Yilmaz

Bahar Yilmaz is a Spiegel bestselling author and one of the most successful spiritual coaches in the German-speaking world. She reaches thousands of people every day with her events and online presence, inspiring them with topics such as meditation, healing, spirituality, transformation, spiritual world, yoga and energy science.

She is considered one of the most influential experts in the fields of chakras and karma, channeling and her online trainings & educational concepts give personality development a very special & distinctive direction. The intertwining of spirit, heart, soul and body is especially close to her heart. She builds bridges between spiritual and human themes in a humorous way, without taking off or leaving out shadow themes. Together with their partner Jeffrey Kastenmüller, they manage to open people’s hearts for more awareness, not only in large-scale events, but also online.

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Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson grew up in rural Montana and as a child experienced the powerful force of energy that cured him of two life-threatening illnesses. He began studying programming, but after asking God for a sign for his future, an apparition showed him his path and he decided to study chiropractic to get to the bottom of the body’s self-healing system.

In his programs, Dr. Brad helps his participants release their trapped emotions. His findings are also available in book form.

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Gerald Hüther

Gerald Hüther is a neurobiologist – brain researcher. But he is now an author, speaker and consultant, as well as a board member of the Academy for Potential Development. He wants to make the findings of modern brain research available to society and create more favorable conditions for the development of human potential.

In his scientific and popular works, he succeeds in describing things in such a way that they can be understood not only by experts but also by ordinary people.

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Tulku Lobsang

Tulku Lobsang is a Buddhist master who considers tantric knowledge as the basis of his teachings. He joined a monastery as a child and was later trained by the abbot himself and enthroned as an incarnation of the Nyentse Lama when he was only 13 years old, but left the monastery to travel, learn and teach.

His goal is to bring the Tibetan cultural heritage to people from the West and thus pass on the traditions. His special talent also lies in healing, so he established a medical center in northern India. Today, he travels all over the world to give his lectures.

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Andreas Goldemann

Andreas Goldemann can perceive disharmonies and imbalances on a physical and emotional level, he is an intuitive. In his work, he has used voice, song, movement and reflection to initiate profound change in his clients for over 25 years.

In addition to face-to-face sessions, lectures and workshops, his work can also be experienced via video, so he is focusing on webinars and online courses to help even more participants become powerful selves.

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Veit Lindau

Veit Lindau is not only a mindful business punk, but also a reformer and free spirit. He is considered in the German-speaking world as an expert for an integral self-realization of the human being.

For more than 30 years, Veit has been a coach, trainer and author with all his heart and mind, as well as co-founder of the Integral Network Life Trust. Veit’s passion is to accompany people on their path to authentic success and to make miracles possible.

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Scott Schwenk

Meditation teacher Scott Schwenk spent several years of his life in a Hindu monastery and was introduced to Tantrism there. Subsequently, he continued his education to become the thought leader he is today.

His goal is to help seekers explore the deepest inner self and live a life of confidence. In his work, Scott uses the core principles of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up.

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Ruediger Dahlke

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke has been working as a physician and seminar leader, author and trainer for 40 years. With books such as “Illness as a Path,” “Illness as the Language of the Soul,” “Illness as a Symbol,” and “Laws of Fate – Rules of the Game for Life,” he has founded a holistic psychosomatic and consciousness theory that reaches into mythical and spiritual dimensions. Instead of contagious diseases, he is concerned with “contagious health” – the most effective medicine of all.

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Pascal Voggenhuber

Medium and bestselling author Pascal Voggenhuber became known through his afterlife contacts with the deceased and combines spirituality with humor and down-to-earthness. He sees it as his calling to bring people closer to the spiritual world again and to show that there is life after death. In addition, he is the founder of Enjoy this Life® and wants to provide more joy in the lives of the participants with courses, seminars and online courses.

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Tom Mögele

Tom Mögele is an author and speaker. Highly sensitive himself, he noticed things as a child that other people didn’t notice. After studying business and working for several years, he finally developed his own system to do energy work and follow his calling. In his MindFlow concept he pays attention to a modern and simple mediation, which is easy to integrate into everyday life and transforms stress into positive energy.

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SEOM is a German-language songwriter, musician and author who deeply touches with his works. His style is modern, energetic and positive. In his concerts, the trained speech therapist combines music with spiritual lectures and allows his listeners to draw strength and shows them the way to a more fulfilling life. People of all ages meet here and share this experience together.

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Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith is a Scottish medium who recognized his gift as a child and has been training ever since. He inspires countless people with his work in their personal development. As an author, he recounts his most moving and extraordinary experiences communicating with the deceased and shares the insights he gained. A collaboration of science and spirituality is as important to him as a natural demeanor and demonstrating his gift at workshops.

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Matias De Stefano

At the age of 21, Matías De Stefano began to share his very special view of reality with other people. He helped thousands to see their environment and themselves from a different perspective and to develop new understanding. His philosophical worldview can be summarized as “Heaven on Earth”. It is a concept that explains how we are founders of our own reality. It provides us with the tools with which we can break through the boundaries of reality. Currently Matías is developing new knowledge materials to help us better understand the world and our role in it.

Peter Beer

Peter Beer is a psychologist, author, and teacher of meditation and mindfulness. As an engineer, he was confronted with great stress and constant strain in his professional life and quickly recognized the health consequences of this. To change that, he studied psychology, educated himself at the same time and founded the Mindfulness Academy in 2015. Here he accompanies people on their way to more balance and serenity – for more joy in life.

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Birgit Fischer

Birgit Fischer is a medium, spiritual teacher, prophetess and SPIEGEL bestselling author. Since childhood she has been sensing and seeing energies, talking to angels, hearing her spirit guides and has a strong clairvoyance. In the course of her life, she went through a deep transformation process that made her recognize these psychic gifts as a great gift and taught her to use them for her professional work.

The Austrian is known for her numerous YouTube videos about the current qualities of time and collective opportunities. She is a sought-after speaker at major channeling conventions and offers one-on-one mediumship trainings, education and workshops.

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Anke Evertz

Anke Evertz lived a completely normal, supposedly fulfilled, but unconscious life, from which she was torn away by a tragic accident in 2009. While her body was in a coma for nine days, she traveled through space and time and was able to perceive thoughts, feelings and consciousness of people and things.
When she returned to her body, she was aware: from now on everything will be different. She was able to start her life over again and has been sharing her insights ever since.

Timo Janisch

Timo Janisch began dedicating himself to his own personal development at the age of 17. Through dream work, feelings work, coaching and meditation, he integrated painful childhood experiences and transgenerational trauma, released destructive beliefs and established new patterns of feeling. In the process, he experienced that the spirit and the soul manifest themselves in the body. He could observe that not only his emotional world changed positively, but also his immune system worked better, so he became more vital and healthier.

Now he passes this experience on to people and accompanies them on the path of a holistic healing of mind, body and soul. With the epigenetics coach training and the foundation of the company HealVersity, he pursues the vision of bringing holistic self-healing to society.

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Thomas Young

Heart teacher Thomas Young lives what he speaks: “Real transformation takes place only through the heart; those who anchor themselves firmly in the heart walk the path of the initiated.” Thomas Young teaches special techniques to directly experience your own heart energy. Traveling around the world, the clairvoyant mystic has experienced several heart initiations that have transformed him.

The German-born wisdom teacher has the ability to touch people deeply in their hearts. He is characterized by clarity, love, and a heartfelt sense of humor. For many years the mystic has been bringing people into contact with the alchemical power of the heart. Through constant lecture tours and workshops in Europe and the USA he is known to a larger audience.

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Gabriel Palacios

Gabriel Palacios born in 1989, is a hypnosis expert and author of the best-selling books “I See You” (2012), “Hypnotize Me” (2013) and “Just Let Yourself Happen” (2015). Since his participation in Uri Geller’s TV Highlight (Pro7, 2009), he has been a welcome guest on television.

He runs the Hypnosis Center in Bern (CH), is president of the Association of Swiss Hypnotherapists, consults companies and speaks as a keynote speaker for sometimes major international corporations. His radio guide “Palacios’ Mental Tip” runs weekly on the morning show of the Bernese radio station “RADIO BERN1”.

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Sabrina Fox

Sabrina Fox has been exploring meditation and spiritual & personal growth for over 30 years. During this time she has written books (including bestsellers such as: “The Longing of Our Soul”, “Bodyblessing”, “How Angels Love Us”) and held workshops and lectures. It is her concern to recognise one’s own wisdom, intuition and body perception as a compass for a fulfilled life and to explore one’s own soul path. There are online courses and her podcast “Sinn&Sein”. She completed trainings as a clinical hypnotherapist, mediator, conflict coach, rhythm trainer and studied sculpture and singing. She has a daughter and lives in Munich with the painter Stanko and his two children.

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André Stern

Born in Paris, André Stern is a musician, composer, guitar maker journalist and author, son of the researcher and educator Arno Stern and never attended school. Today he is married and the father of two children who also do not go to school.
He is an internationally sought-after speaker and best-selling author as an “Ambassador of Childhood.” His core themes are enthusiasm and trust. He heads the Arno Stern Institute and is one of the protagonists in Erwin Wagenhofer’s film “Alphabet”. His work in the media, his lecturing activities at universities, among educational professionals and the general public correspond to a growing interest in the spontaneous dispositions of human beings.
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Rebecca Rosing

Danish psychologist Rebecca Rosing was known early on for her extraordinary mediumship. At the age of 14, she began to apply her potential in a traditional Chinese medicine practice. There she acquired fundamental knowledge about the connections between energetic and physical processes within us.

It has always been Rebecca’s primary concern to facilitate self-knowledge and self-efficacy. For this, she has established a new form of mediumship with new techniques to train our perception. What it teaches enables and brings about a new, more liberated way of thinking about spiritual issues.

After completing her Masters in Psychology (concentrating in cognitive science and neuropsychology), Rebecca incorporated the knowledge gained there into the development of her methods and meditations. In seminars, retreats and trainings she successfully accompanies people on their way into their powerful being.

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Patric Pedrazzoli

Patric Pedrazzoli has been involved with spirituality since early childhood and has been able to deepen his knowledge by traveling all over the world and learning from spiritual teachers and healers. He was particularly influenced by his time in India, which led him to masters and yogis in the Himalayas. He is an author and healer who has had amazing success both in personal sessions and remotely. At the same time, the co-founder of “The Source” and organizes spiritual lectures, seminars, concerts and trainings.

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Daniel Alan

Daniel is an international consciousness and breath coach, spiritual mentor and father. He enables people to integrate more love and clear understanding into their lives. His workshops enable people to recognise and lovingly embrace both our light and our shadow. What his clients appreciate most about him is his ability to combine transcendental depth with a playful simplicity. His extensive training in yoga, coaching, energy and breath work make him an excellent companion for lasting transformation

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Steffen Lohrer

Steffen Lohrer works as a “Coach for Inner Serenity, Success and Health” and as a therapist for Buddhist psychotherapy. As a healer he is recommended by the International Referral Center for Outstanding Healers (IVH) because of many cases of success with chronic and mental illnesses. As a business angel, Steffen Lohrer founded or financed several start-up companies and held many supervisory board / board of directors / advisory board and board of trustees mandates over the years.

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Vadim Tschenze

Vadim Tschenze is a shaman and parapsychologist of Russian origin. So he relies on traditional Russian methods to use his gift and reveal in consultations what destiny awaits his clients. He wants to act as a bridge between worlds, but at the same time not lose sight of the present. The spiritual healer also shares his knowledge in seminars and in the Vadim Tschenze Academy.

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Maxim Mankevich

Maxim Mankevich is an expert in Success Knowledge & Geniuses. He joined the industry leader Greator (GEDANKEN-tanken) directly as a study manager. Within a very short time, he was training experts and executives and became the youngest trainer ever there. Maxim is also a co-founder of the “Management Training” course, in which he has led over 40 different seminars as a university lecturer.

As a speaker, Maxim knows how to captivate his audience with words like no other. It inspires, touches and shakes awake. In his presentations, audiences experience purposeful inspiration and content with depth.

Maxim’s biggest heart project is his Genius Academy. In it, you’ll find concentrated expertise with more than 20 online courses on all areas of life. Over 20,000 active members benefit daily from the powerful success tools of the Genies! In his podcast: Minds of Genius, listeners get extraordinary insider knowledge and learn fascinating stories of the greatest geniuses of all time.

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Bea Rubli

The Swiss Bea Rubli has been working as a channeling medium for more than 20 years and is the mother of three children. In her courses, she lets participants expand their sensitive abilities and discover perception beyond the imaginable. In this way, it supports people’s healing process and enables them to develop their full potential and discover their true essence. She also shares her knowledge with you in the younity masterclass “Discovering Other Worlds”.

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Matthias Vette

In a journey around the world and understanding the human condition and health, Matthias has made over 5 years of trainings that are recognized by traditional medicine, to the attainment of shamanic knowledge and techniques of energy medicine. With these techniques and methods he has completely healed himself. “You can therefore perhaps imagine how much I love my work”. Since 2006 he has been passing this knowledge on to people. He guides them into their own perfection so they can live wealth and abundance, health and love from the deepest connection to themselves.
Formally Matthias is a certified stress therapist, mental trainer and master, coach and has various additional trainings in the field of energy medicine.

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Manuel Burzler

Dr. Manuel Burzler is a doctor of functional medicine and a systemic coach in a joint practice in Munich. Together with his colleagues, he specifically searches for the causes of complex diseases and their symptoms. In accordance with the approaches of functional medicine, the areas of detoxification, exposure to environmental influences, individual lifestyle and personal stress management are considered and analyzed in addition to nutrition.

In addition, the physician is the founder of HealVersity, his own platform that combines knowledge from personality work with functional medicine and transports it in tangible applicable concepts. Through HealVersity, he offers the first certified advanced training as an “Epigenetics Coach.”

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Jeffrey Kastenmüller

Jeffrey Kastenmüller is a Spiegel bestselling author and one of the best-known coaches for personality development in the German-speaking world. For over ten years he has been helping people discover, uncover and live their hidden potential. His dynamic blend of profound consciousness and body work, meditation techniques, music and movement unleashes entirely new and fascinating possibilities for holistic coaching.

Together with his partner, the Spiegel bestselling author Bahar Yilmaz, Jeffrey Kastenmüller develops experiential workshops such as “Empower Yourself”, which are attended by thousands of participants and enthusiastically recommended to others.

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Petra Brzović

Aside from being a therapist, Petra leads workshops and seminars around the world and teaches in international schools training other therapists. She actively participates in Body & Mind conferences, seminars and trainings; and follows the latest research in the field of medicine of the mind and body, quantum physics, epigenetics, neuroscience and soul. She passionately conducts research of consciousness and the correlation between brain, body and soul with an international team of scientists and doctors. 

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